ICS1961/EHS1966 Dinner of 11/7/09

First, a quick note from Charlie Irving:

Hello Everyone,

Before I get into attaching some of the photos from last Saturday night, I want to thank everyone who came. We had another great night of reminiscing with “Old” friends and classmates. The night started at 6:00 PM and I think it ended about 10:30 PM and the night just flew bye.

Special thanks to Scott Duchmasclo, Doug Venuti’s Son-In-Law, for taking most of the attached photos. Great job Scott. When I first opened up the group shot I was wondering how a group of senior citizens ended up among our photos. Sadly enough, it was us.

Another special thanks to the 3 old friends who joined us for the first time, Gail Stewart, Sue Hanley and Harry Cade, all from the ICS Class of 1961. We hope you enjoyed the night enough to join us at the next one and bring along some more of our classmates.

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